New Year is round the corner and whole world is in celebration whim. Though there are numerous occasions over the year for us to beat the drum around New Year always has its significance preserved in our hearts. Humans have developed a nature of cherishing each and every moment of their life to mark a memory with togetherness over the past few years.

In this busy lifestyle we are more likely to need an occasion to get along with our loved ones and this is another occasion for the reunion. It is dated back to 4,000 years to the ancient city of Babylon where New Year celebration was marked for the very first time and from then till now it is followed as a ritual by us.

According to the Chinese New Year calendar 2019 is the year of Pig and marks the 12th year of their calendar. When it comes about New Year celebration, the wingding varies from country to country as mother Earth is a cluster of so many cultures and traditions.

In countries like Norway and Sweden, almond is hidden inside the rice pudding and served on the occasion and it is believed by them that whoever gets the almond will be blessed with good fortune for the rest of the year.

Spanish people are engrossed by eating grapes to mark the beginning of the New Year whereas in countries like Mexico, Netherlands and Greece people prepare cakes and pastries in ring shape.

Russian’s have a habit of marking down their wish in a paper followed by drinking its ashes dipped in a glass of champagne. Fashionable wear is always considered a good way of welcoming the New Year, which is followed by the Filipinos by wearing colorful polka dot dress on this occasion.

In some countries such as Cuba, Hungary, Austria and Portugal pork pop in as the popular dish on the New Year’s Eve table as pig is expected to be the sign of development and good fortune by them.

Brazilians are fond of wearing all-white on the New Year’s Eve as counteract to the evil spirits. They also have a tradition of jumping over seven waves of the ocean each on the consecutive days of a week, along with propelling of flowers into the sea.

As Japan is a Buddhist country people here mark the beginning of New Year by celebrating the year’s animal along with paying a visit to the nearby temple where the bell strike 108 times.

There may be enormous ways of celebrating the New Year but the purpose is to unite the mankind together with their family and friends and also to set peace and harmony in the world. Have a gracious and splendid year ahead!!!

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