Top Tips to Improve Your TOEFL Writing Skills

Top Tips to Improve Your TOEFL Writing Skills

Taking the TOEFL seems to be a fearful experience. However, we have some fantastic TOEFL writing tips for you today that will make you feel calm and confident on test day. Join TOEFL Coaching in Chennai and learn from industry experts.

Top Tips to Improve Your TOEFL Writing Skills:

The following are some of the tips to improve your writing skills in TOEFL.

Read, Then Listen:

The reading paragraph will be the first to appear. The reading portion will then disappear, leaving the listening part to play for two or three minutes. 

If you fall asleep during the reading section before the lecture, you may miss important information that you need to mention in your essay.

Take Proper Notes:

  • As a result, while taking notes on the author’s perspective and significant points is crucial, you do not need to take as many notes on the reading passage.
  • You should write on the listening passage more than the reading passage. You should write twice as much about the professor’s point of view and discussion points in your response as you did on the author. As a result, you should take proper notes during the lecture.

Use Transitional Phrases and Words:

Transitional phrases and words are essential in your writing, particularly in TOEFL. Both the reading and listening passages will require you to transition between different points of view. Transitioning between topics using these discourse markers is a good approach to keep your essay relevant. FITA Academy‘s TOEFL Classes in Chennai provide more benefits for your advancement career.

Time Management:

As a result, while time management is essential throughout the TOEFL, it is highly significant for this task. Take two minutes to take notes and outline your response, three minutes to write your introductory paragraph, eleven minutes to write the body paragraphs, two minutes to write the conclusion, and three minutes to revise. TOEFL writing strategy help you to clear your exam.

Remember Your Conclusion Sentences:

Always include a closing sentence that connects back to your main point at the end of each body paragraph. The last phrase of each body paragraph should always relate to your major point, directly answering the question. It provides guidance on How to prepare for TOEFL Exam?

Get Feedback:

Also, to obtain useful comments from a trained TOEFL instructor who knows what you need to write to get a high writing score. While relying on yourself or a trusted teacher can assist, you will not be able to achieve your maximum potential without the guidance of an experienced instructor.


Now you would have understood the Top Tips to Improve Your TOEFL Writing Skills. So to have a profound understanding of the TOEFL writing structure you can join TOEFL Training in Chennai and improve your reading, listening, and writing skills.

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