What Is The Difference Between The Review And Research?

The high-order thinking starts with the review and ends with the research. The papers submitted for higher education have been the review papers or the research papers. The review is the summary of the information regarding the topic whereas the research is the professional and rigorous view about the subject. The structure and the idea behind the information lay the difference between the two types of writing. We would like to provide you with the answer to the question what is the difference between the review and research with relevant examples. The structure, the purpose, the resource, and the word limit are some of the points to be discussed to know about the style of two types of writing.

Structure of the content

The research is meant for those who have done the study. The structure is the introduction, methods, results, and discussion. The sources from which the information is drawn and the references are mentioned in the research paper at the last paragraph. The structure of the review content can be a title, abstract, introduction, methods, results, and discussion.  The protocol in the content implies about the databases which helped for the search, keywords used for the search, extracted data, and the limitations followed. The review content has certain limitations and it is subject to the view of anyone interested.

The purpose

The reason or the purpose behind doing the research is to investigate or get the detailed report regarding the subject. The purpose of writing review is to analyze the report or news already published. Research is done for the intensive study whereas a review is done for the extensive information regarding the subject.

The resources

The research content is based on the primary research article and the review content is based on the published article. The topic is different and the methods used for the research can be different but it is based on some primary researches conducted for the potential purpose. The review is about the product, service or the news which is already known and the purpose is to show all the positives and negatives with business motive. The research is conducted with survey data or raw data from the business and then analyzed to effectively illustrate the topic. The review is done to show the current scenario about the subject with relevant examples.

The word limit

The word limit for the research content can be 3000 words to 6000 words and sometimes the word count ranges high like 12,000 words also. The word limit of any review content can be 3000 to 5000 words and there are cases where the review content is shorter than this limit.

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