What will be the future of Dot Net?

Today Microsoft .Net is the leading platform for window and web application development. Technology is progressing rapidly and new technologies are entering also replacing the old technologies. Dot Net Training in Chennai at FITA Academy is the right place to pave way for a bright future in the competitive domain. FITA Academy offers the training from experts to be placed in MNC by imparting industry-relevant skills to the learners.

Microsoft has recently announced that  Dot Net Core 3.0  is a stable application. Where the businesses can build the Dot Net core applications confidently. According to the business survey, it is stated that the most used language is C# for Dot Net.  The advanced application, gaming, business programming requirements are all built using the DOT NET applications. Today various articles concentrate on the potential future of .Net technology, eventually to conclude the future of this invention is much more magnificent and that steady progress would keep it alive and functional for a long time.

For each system, the NET Framework is deployed as a single entity. It poses a challenge when upgrading the frameworks. Although Microsoft takes the utmost care to ensure backward compatibility without regression, this approach poses a problem regarding development flexibility. (i.e. It  can not change the interface behavior, etc). The Dot Net is open-source and the community is developing more and more organizations and the developers are joining the Dot Net core group.

The businesses using Dotnet for the production of software applications are growing rapidly, with overwhelming future opportunities for dot network experts. FITA Academy offers the best Dot Net Training in Bangalore with great placement support.

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