What are the Different Types of Cyber Security?

Types of Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the process of protecting devices and services from malicious individuals such as hackers, spammers, and cybercriminals. It is concerned with determining the best way to protect all assets, from smartphones and computers to networks and databases, from attacks. Join Cyber Security Training in Chennai at FITA Academy to get immense training with the help of real-time experts.

Types of Cyber Security:

Network Security:

Most attacks appear over the network, and network security solutions are organized to detect and prevent these attacks. Data and access controls such as DLP, IAM, NAC, and NGFW application controls are included in these solutions to enforce safe web use policies.

Application Security:

Most apps we use on our phones are secure and conform to the Google Play Store’s rules and regulations. Many apps claim to be safe, but after stealing all of our information, app users share information in the form of money with a third party, and the app stops working is classified as a cyberattack.

Cloud Security:

Over the last decade, cloud-based data storage has grown in popularity. It improves privacy and saves data on the cloud, making it accessible from any device, but it requires proper authentication. AWS is a new technique that helps you run your business over the internet while protecting your data.

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Mobile Security:

The mobile phone is the most common gadget we use daily; everything we do is through it: online classes, calls to clients, money transfers, etc. Mobile phones have changed our lives so much easier; with a single tap, we can access news from another country. 

The phone must be updated with all security patches. We must lock all payment applications using the phone’s built-in app and never share your phone password with anyone other than your family.

Infrastructure Security:

Critical infrastructure refers to all the physical and virtual resources, systems, and networks that are required for a society’s economics, security, or any combination of the above to function properly. 

IoT Security:

Devices frequently run on outdated software, making them vulnerable to newly discovered security flaws. This is usually due to connectivity issues or the need for end users to manually download updates from a C&C centre.

Manufacturers frequently ship Internet of Things (IoT) devices with easily cracked passwords that suppliers and end users may have left in place. When these devices are left vulnerable to remote access, they become easy targets for attackers using automated scripts for mass exploitation.


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