What Is Software Testing And Its Types?

software testing

What is software testing?

Software testing is a procedure to assess the functionality of a software application to determine if the produced software fulfills the specifications or not and detects the flaws to ensure that the product is defect-free to deliver quality product. Join the Software Testing Course in Chennai at FITA Academy to learn more about software testing.

What are the types of software testing?

Software testing is done in different software development life cycle stages for several purposes. Software testing has different software testing types. Some of the software testing types are given below:

1)Unit testing:

Unit testing is the process of testing the small individual units and individual software units in a group of software being developed. It focuses on testing programmers to test minor individual units. Trying a small portion of the software in the starting stages is easy.

2)Integration testing:

Integration testing is just the opposite of unit testing; the testing is done with groups. It is critical to do the testing in the form of groups which will be done in the integration testing. Some integration tests are done in four types: top down, bottom up, and sandwich. To know more about integration testing and its types, join Software Testing Course.

3)Regression testing:

Regression testing is a form of testing the software product. It is possible to add new software when there is a need for changes. Whenever there is a need for change in the software, it is possible to make the changes without affecting the existing working condition of the software after the changes are done.

4)Smoke testing:

Smoke testing can check whether it is stable or ready for further testing. It is called smoke testing because the testing of an initial pass is done to ensure that it did not catch fire or emit smoke during the initial switch on; it is known as a smoke test.

5)Alpha testing:

Alpha testing is testing the software for validation purposes. It tests the software before it is released to the customer. It is a testing type which is done by the quality assurance team. 


I hope you have gained some insight regarding software testing and the types of software testing. It is crucial to meet up to the customer’s requirements while doing the software testing. The software testing team’s final goal is to meet the end users’ needs. Thus, it is crucial to meet the customer’s requirements while testing software; join Best Software Testing Institute in Bangalore to learn more about software testing.

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